Salt of The Earth

from left, Al, Kevin, Bobbi, me and Karen. Jim has not taken a picture I swear since his Senior High School picture!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing good, I am doing great. I am really glad this morning listening to GMA that we moved from Braintree to Kingston in 1992. Amy Bishop who did the Alabama shooting might have lived in my area and harassed my kids the way she did to the other kids. I will never understand these shootings, just do your self in and leave these innocent victims to live their lives. I am feeling the Zumba workout, mostly in my legs. One thing they told me at the Y is that with Zumba you get results fast, and I believe it. A few stretches and they felt better. I am going to try Kickboxing as well. Mentally it will be good to feel like your kicking the asses of everyone who has pissed you off in life :) Pete is real happy now that I am taking the Zumba class after I showed him the Love Mera Hit video!!! Today is my sister Karen's birthday. My brother Jim's is the 19th. Another benefit of working at target is getting first dibs on clearance items. I was able to give her a beautiful quilt for only 4 dollars, Nice deal!! I like to give gifts from the heart as well so I wrote this poem for her. I feel the same about my other siblings, but throughout the years we have grown very close. I couldn't have asked for a better sister, she has been there for me like nobody else throughout my life. We got our tickets to DMB for two shows this summer, it's great to have party time with her too. This summer she will be a Grandmother for the first time. She has been waiting for my neice Kim and her husband Andy to have a baby for about 5 years. Kim is due on Christa's birthday August 11th. So this year will be especially exciting as our family grows. We are having fun doing the Grandmother thing together. She has also been like a Grandmother to Bri. Speaking of Bri I get to play with her today, I hope to get some funny videos of her after I teach her some Zumba moves. Of course only the moves her father would approve of ! The first time I saw the info commercial for the funny picture I posted today, I cried so hard from laughing, I mean really women what else do you need to do for your man???
Thanks for visiting my blog,
May you Zumba through your day :)
Take Care,

Salt of the Earth,
From your day of Birth,
You are an extension of me,
A deep Bond there will always be.

At the young at of ten, your
childhood came to an end.
Your role in life became that
of a caretaker, burdened you
never showed towards us anger

I know Mom and Dad are smiling
down on you, She was so proud of
all you did and all you do. You carry
on their love by still caring for all of
us, Asking nothing in return, respect
you have earned.

You have given me strength beyond measure.
You are a treasure. Unconditional love helped
me to rise above, never on me did you give up.
I had some of the darkest day's when my spirit
was so broken losing Dad and Mom. To you my
behavior mattered none. You knew my other side
and brought it back into the light.

You have guided me through all aspects of my
life, by example. Never preaching, never
demeaning. Every time I fell from grace,
you were always there with a loving embrace.

Because of you today I am a
better and happier person.
When I love those around me
your love is there for certain.

Happy Birthday Karen and Jim
Love ya's

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  1. I been visiting blogs today and stop by your post. I simply love it and would like to read some of your posts. I like to extend birthday wishes to Karen & Jim. I like to shop at Target, as they have great sales. A few week I brought a complete fannel queen sheet set for less than $10. See you on the other side at my blog: Day&Night Devotions.