I Love You More


Hi Everyone,
How are ya, good I hope. I started writing Poetry when I was in my young teens. It was for me therapy. It helped me to express and be in touch with my emotions and still does today, obviously the other day I was in a pissed off mood. Words come to me easy from somewhere above I believe. I used to pretend I was taking notes in class, but I was really writing poems. Now when it gets slow at work I write poems in the photo notebook. I still have a lot of my older ones and some day I would like to publish a book. If any of you out there know an easy way to do it please let me know. On Monday I was going to go visit with Christa and Bri. I didn't feel too good, so I am going tomorrow. I am going to teach her how to Celebrate St. Patricks Day. Even though I am mostly Italian, I do have a little Irish in me. And who else better to teach her! I bought her some beer glasses and a hat and shirt. I hope to get some funny video of it. After Christa got off the phone with me Bri decided she wanted to call me. She's not even 3 yrs old yet! She has become this little girl and talks so well on the phone, no more baby:( And now when you tell her you love her, she says I love you more. Just when I think I can't love her anymore than I do, there she goes. She helped heal my ailments that day. It's 9pm and I have had 93 visitors so far today with 6 people on. Thank you all so much, I hope each and every one of you keep coming back everyday. It brings me much happiness which I especially need these past few days:)
Have a Happy Hump Day!
Janet :)

Confusion, Delusions,
State of mind, unwind
What is true, what is

What's meant to be?
Is there a Destiny?
Follow head or follow
heart, torn apart

From Sunrise to Sunset,
Some things are hard
to forget.
Lessons learned,
through pain and hurt.

Physically and Emotionally
my body aches
Rain on my face,
fiercely, not gently

Questions unanswered
leave me to imagine
Why do I do this to myself
I Prefer Heaven to hell

I am closing the door
on learning more
At least for today,
Tomorrow may lead
another way.
To happiness, knowing
no pain I pray


  1. I laughed and laughed at the vid :)))))))))

    Lovely poem Janet


  2. Thank you Henry, LMAO at the video too.
    Have a great day,
    Janet xo