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I realized yesterday that I haven't posted about the law of attraction for a while, sorry about that. So here is number 11 and 12 from the 365 ways to live the Law Of Attraction
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#11 Put Your Mind to Work for You
A Debt free life, new friends, a loving life partner, plenty of money, a new car or the dream job-whatever the person desires will manifest. When someone decides to accelerate the process and works out a plan to allow for that manifestation, mystical opportunities begin to present themselves.A person working with the Law of Attracton need only to change his or her mindset and be aware that the opportunities for manifestation of his or her desire will become more commonplace. It is as if the universe is working with you, putting wind in the sail of your dream ship to take you where you want to go and give you the experiences, relationships, money, wealth and things you most desire.

#12 The Law is Unbiased
The law of attraction does not judge the value or worth of your thoughts. It cares not whether they are harmful or well intentional. Nor does it value whether or not your thought arises from a particular belief system. You may eschew religion and be am atheist or agnostic Or,you may be deeply religious. Knowledge and practice of a spiritual tradition o(or lack of belief) doesn't concern the working of the law. What matters is how you feel about what you are thinking. Gratitude plays a role because of how it makes you feel. For example when you are grateful for "having" something, you feel good and the thoughts of "having" and the positive feelings of "having" bring more of the same. The law always responds to what you are focusing on in your thoughts and the emotion generated in response to those thoughts, since feeling strengthens the attracing power of thought.

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