The Most Amazing Night of My Life

Hi Everyone,
Tonight was the most amazing night of my life. Seeing this Medium Sandy Aiemian. My father was the first spirit to contact her, she said because he did not want to get lost in the shuffle of spirits which show up to contact us. First know she has never met me, knows nothing about me or my life story, she has a full schedule and would not have time to research or google me, even if she did I have not written about these details of my father on my blogs. And when she comes to you with a spirit and you start talking she makes you stop, so you don't give her anything to run with even if you wanted to. It started out with I have a male presence, who had a heart problem, a father. I am feeling the name Francis, and Mar, So I spoke up like she asked us to do, I said I went to St.Francis, and then it hit me what she meant by mar, I said my middle name is Marie. So she knew it was his spirit coming through for me so she came over to me. She said first he wants to say he is sorry for being a Bastard at times and making us walk on eggshells, which he did when he was angry about his situation. I should have said I love you more. Pete and Jack believed right away because they knew my Father too. He would tell you himself that he was Archie Bunker. Then she said Alcohol, Ya my Dad drank Budweiser's every night. He said also that he would have never come to one of these things when he was here on earth LOL! then he told me to slow down, I am always in a hurry which is true, especially yesterday when I brought my mom flowers, I drove like crazy to get there and get back to pick up Scotty. He asked her to stroke my hair which she did and say you are still my little girl. How would she know if I was first born or last??? Then he apologized to me for not taking care of himself like he should have, then told me to quit my smoking, which I did relapse to the past two weeks, starting today I will not smoke. The best thing he said to me is he is taking care of everyone twice to make sure I got it. I no longer have to worry about my loved ones. There is so much more I could tell you but I hope this makes you a believer. He ended his visit with I like your Angel wings necklace that I just got yesterday, and when I said thank you she turned around and said he said something about a tattoo, OMG I said I am planning on getting one. This was one of my Dad's favorite songs. He would play it over and over again when he was pissed off. Know that when your loved one passes, it is only their physical self, they are still with you in spirit so don't cry for them, they cry for us, for they know only love and light. It's ok Dad, we should not expect life to be a rose garden, you did a great job as a father despite any shortcomings. Thank you for coming to me. Now I know you and Mom are always with me and I have a new sense of peace. Jenn the one we are walking for came through too but I am tired of writing for today so I will share that with you soon.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Janet :)


  1. you make me miss my dad so much. Not a bad thing. I just think of him out there, seeing us, wishing he could be with us. There are so many things you wish you said or did. But it's good to feel that they know or hear us. I talk to him every day. I miss him so much. This is sweet.

  2. He is still with you Sandi, He hears you so keep talking to him. When I said to the medium tell him thank you, she said tell him yourself he is right here with you, It's like I couldn't believe it, it took a bit to sink in but I do have do much more peace about his passing now that he has come to me. You were the best daughter any Dad could ask for and that love transends death.
    Have a great day,
    thanks for the comment :)

  3. hi janet... when i saw the title of your video, i was hoping this was the same "rose garden" song i knew of in my childhood. and it was!!! wow, this brought back a lot of happy memories.

    i'll let you in on a secret... i learned about what really happened to james (how he reached his end) through 5 psychics. i'd like to believe now that he sent them to me. that was 6 months after he went missing.5 psychics in one room = 1 powerful spirit questing session. they didn't ask for payment. they were so happy and fulfilled to relay to me james' message from beyond. it was a message of LOVE from my soulmate.


  4. Thank you Bing, I am glad you got answers, glad you know the song too :)
    Love ya
    Janet :)