Silver Girl

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am feeling heart broken today for many reasons. Most of all because I went to the waterfront to walk and I just could not. The loss of Sue came upon me. I never took the time to grieve for her I was to busy taking care of my sick mother. Even though she walks with me in spirit, I just was not ready. I will try again tomorrow. She was the best and funniest friend I ever had. She died at the age of 59 from Pancreatic cancer. On the first day we moved in she came over with a spaghetti dinner so we did not have to cook while unpacking. She use to call Scotty buckwheat when he was little because of his curls. When Mark Carboney was shot and killed here in Kingston Ma there helicopters flying over us because they were looking in the conservation area for another suspect. Sue and I were out on the street talking and she said I am going to go make blueberry muffins and fresh coffee in case the suspect stops by my house, that is how funny she was. She introduced me to the gay world, all her friends were gay men. That is why I love to hang out with them they are funny and sweet. Not like girls. On my Birthday she brought me a big cake and gift certificate to buy myself some clothes all the way from Wareham because she had moved about a year before. When she got sick, I helped take care of her. I would bring her fruit and I gave her her last hair cut. That type of cancer spreads so fast that she was gone in a couple of months. I told her I loved her like a mother. She is the only friend too who took the time to meet my mother and she brought her flowers and a fruit basket. I could just go on and on but I guess you can tell by this post so far she was an Angel on Earth and still is. I was also heart broken today to learn that Charleen was so mad that I posted the Jenn video on here and kidded about the red sox connection and Jason Varitek that they don't want me walking with them. I was just trying to bring attention to the cause and I am a kidder as well, I like to make people laugh, Jack was upset about it too, but he said they are very protective of their family and a little wound tight. If she did not want anyone to share her video she should have not put a share link on it, DAH!! So now I am going to start my own team. Team Josephine and If no one joins me then I will walk alone. I like my alone time but lately I am feeling it too much. Alone with no friends to hang out with. I will probably start hanging with Emily after work, I love her, she is smart enough at her age to know she does not want to get married, she just dates guys and dumps them when she is done with them LOL! I just can't stand sitting in this house night after night anymore. Sue picked this song to be played at her funeral. I hope you will be a bridge for me right now Sue. I need it more than ever. Love and Miss you. Any of the Jenn team out there you better stop visiting my blog and checking up on me. I will no longer post shit about you and your cause, only mine. Now I am going to go out to my deck and stare up to the stars, have a good cry and get it out. Then start over again tomorrow.
Thanks for vising my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

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