Infectious Laugh, My Girls Part Two

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all doing well, I am doing good. I thought I had to work yesterday from 9 till 2, but I was wrong, I was in from 4 to 9. Today I am in 9 to 2. So instead of sending home my Easter basket to Bri with Dana in the afternoon I decided to surprise them with a visit and bring it to her myself. They were so happy to see me. We had a lot of fun. Who better than her Mimmi to buy her her first whoopee cushion. Bri's laugh is infectious. I took some video of Christa today too, She looks so beautiful even pregnant. I have to take time to remember she was my first girl. We use to dance to Sweet Child of Mine when we lived in Braintree. It so reminded me of her. Where does the time go :( The video came out upside down today of her. I want to work on it and then share it when I get it fixed. All in all it was a great day being with my girls. I am going to share with you the place I get my funny pictures, they even have funny videos as you will see under my new title, funny picture and video, hope you get a laugh out of the videos as well a the pictures.
Thanks for visiting my blog
Love ya,
Janet :)

I deleted the link to the site that is funny because it has become
really trashy!!

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  1. Hi Janet, sorry to hear you had a hard time over having a bit of fun, hope things are better today. I think Christa must have a nice personality because it seems to me that people with a nice personality always look beautiful.