Hometown Sports Hero Matt Buresh

Hi Everyone,
Happy Easter, I can't brag enough about my nephew Matt. He is a hometown hero because of his save with seconds left to play, WAY TO GO MATT, I am so proud of you and your teammates. I talked with my brother Albie today and we both cannot stop watching the save, We both love the way he whips the puck back out onto the ice, cool move Matt. The Skippers are a group of high school boys who worked hard by getting up at 4:30 am in the morning to practice and practice. Well deserved championship. Your grandparents are smiling down on you. Kudos to you Albie and Jay for raising two wonderful boys. Andrew his brother is a running track winner as well.
Have a great day!
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya!
Janet :)

That's right Ryan, A Buresh will alway's have your back!



  1. Hi Janet, good luck with the fun times, everyone deserves them now and again. My daughter plays in goal for a local hockey team, not sure if she ever did a save like that though.

  2. Thanks Intrepid, I will find some time for fun, I agree we all deserve that in our lives. That is great that your daughter plays hockey, Good for her, I wish her all the best! And you never know she may get her glory moment!