Special Kay

Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday, I am so Happy I am starting to get donations for the walk. My first Donation came from a women who is so dear to me. My Aunt Kay. My mother and her were 7 yrs apart like me and my sister. They were very close, but when my mom got sick she pushed her away at times, so it was stressful for a lot of years. But when my mom really needed her, she would call her and she was there for her. She visited my mom often in the nursing home with my mother's other two brothers. It was heart wrenching watching them say goodbye to her. Kay prayed so hard to God a few days after we buried my mom to get a sign to let her know how my mom was. That night my mom came to her in a dream, smiling and wearing her favorite coat that glowed with white underneath while she carried a pocket book. Turns out Kay described her coat that was with her in the nursing home. My mom loved her pocketbooks. I am still using one of hers today. Kay knew right away that she was happy and at peace. Kay said to us after my mother died, your Mother died the richest women in the world because she had six of the most beautiful precious jewels. She thinks of us everyday she tells me and at 81 she is still working part time, to know her is to love her. Thank you Kay if you get to read this, the donation means more to me than you will ever know because I am walking to honor the life of your sister. I have to start training walks for June. I will have to start walking so many miles to start and then build from there until I can do the 20 mile walk. I use to power walk on my treadmill so I think I will do ok. I am up for the challenge. It's Friday, its time to laugh, so I chose a Wanda Sykes show clip. Keith offers good advice, get a throw away phone LOL!! Thanks Hilary for posting this song on fb, I love it, know the feeling.
Thanks for visting my blog,
Have a great day,
Janet :)

Found the Official Video,Love it!

I suggest watching it from the beginning too, Tiger skit!


  1. I sure hope your aunt Kay does get to read this because seeing how she please you will make her day also.

  2. Awww, thanks so much. you just made my day :)