Free Falling

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I hope your enjoying the f#!*uped situations LOL! I feel so free these days, free of pain and stress, I'm falling into another chapter of my life. I am so excited I just set up my virtual Harvard University classroom. It is so cool, there is buttons to click to raise your hand, answer questions, just talk to others and discuss the topic we are learning that day. My first course is going to be Adult Development it's about the latter two-thirds to three-quarters of our lives. I find human behavior fascinating, Maybe it will help me figure myself out, but then again that could be a scary thing LOL! It is almost $2000.00 dollars for a graduate course. At least I qualify for financial aid and I hope that covers it, I don't want any more student loans. I have been told they have alot of money available that you do not have to pay back. I just heard on the news about this car that does all this stuff, so I am wondering when are they going to make a car so we can have a few drinks and drive?? When you get in the car it just smells the booze on your breath and it takes over. Then if the Police pull you over you can honestly say you weren't drinking and driving!! I am sure it would be well worth the money if your a repeat offender LMAO!! As Mike Lynch always says, Have a terrific Tuesday :) I know I will, it's a Bri and Christa day. I will be watching her again when Christa goes to the Doctors, I pray she doesn't start swinging her stuff out the window again, I can't take it. The kids room is done I can't wait to see it. There is one slight problem though, Bri wants the crib. She is easy to redirect though, I'm sure it won't be a big issue.
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Janet :)

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