Purpose And Fulfilment

Hi Everyone, How are you today, good I'm sure. I love this inspirational saying I found on Photobucket. It is so true of all of us, it is easier to hold on to what is wrong for us because letting go will force us to face the unknown. The Devil you know as they say is sometimes better than the Devil we don't know. At first in Onset I was fine being alone and then sooner than I thought, it started to become a daily struggle for me to let go of my home, my son and my husband. Although it was not a long time there, to me it was because I had already been away 27 days at WATC. I was at the Wednesday night band concert and suddenly all around me were happy families. My heart started to break into a million pieces and all I wanted to do right then and there was run home. I needed to run back and fix what I did wrong, run back and allow the happiness that was waiting for me back into that broken heart of mine. So for me letting go led me back to where I belong. I know now what is my purpose and being part of a happy family is all I need to fulfill me. So when you have to face the fear, I know the payoff for you will lead to a healthier and happier tomorrow, as it has done for me.
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