Thank You

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I'm great. I picked out a couple of funny clips of my favorite shows to share a laugh with you this weekend. That's what weekends are for right, laughing, relaxing, being with the one you love. Yesterday Pete and I went to Martha's Vineyard and had a great time. We've always been able to laugh together. We were cracking up as we traveled around on our scooter, all I could think of was Dumb and Dumber, yup that was us LOL! We got jokingly excited when we would go downhill on the scooter, ya now that's wild let me tell ya!! The best part of the day came at the end, when we rode the boat back home. We held hands the whole time and he kept his arm around me as I rested on his shoulder. I can't put into words how beautiful every second felt. And to add to the best part of the day, as we drove home and the radio came back on,this song was on. We spoke these words to each other. It is true that you will reap the rewards when you turn your life around. Life is still wonderful sober my friends, in fact I think it is better than wonderful.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya's,
Janet :)

Jerry & Larry can't get
rid of this girl until..

Turtle is too cute!

Thank You Pete :)

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