Hi Everyone, How are ya, I'm doing great. I went up to the mall yesterday with my son to see a movie and I had to stop in Newbury Comics to get this book. It is the sister book to the WTF book. I have already posted the best ones in the WTF book and will still from time to time. I just felt I needed some fresh material. I hope no one gets offended by these posts. I find them to be really funny, and they are meant to be in good fun, looking at life with comedy helps us all survive it. And I need all the comedy I can get these days. Once again the survivor in me is working hard, I have to figure how to get on with my life without a license. What hurts the most is not being able to visit my grand kids once a week like I use too, but I have no one to blame except myself (I know that is the healthy way to think, BUT TODAY I AM ANGRY at the way someone chose to deal with me... never mind, shouldn't think out loud on my blogs now should I!) I can work things out with Scotty, but I'm still limited in what I can do for him. My main concern is Pete's health and I have been trying to get back to college to get my Master's Degree so I can take care of him when he is no longer able to work. I was getting worried about getting to classes, but luckily I found out yesterday that I can get a Master's in Gerontology, online with UMASS Boston. I am so excited, no need to drive to class!! I know I will be able to find work with the aging population thanks to the baby boomers retiring. The only down side is I have to wait until the spring to get accepted into the program to use my financial aid and Mass Rehab, otherwise I would have to pay like $2000.00 dollars a course. Definitely don't have that kind of money right now. In the meantime I will take a course online to help me pass the GRE which is a big help to get into the program. But most of all I know today that I can survive life sober and take whatever comes my way. Just remember my friends, no matter what life or you, yourself throw at you, you can make it, take a deep breath, it's just one more hurdle. And no doubt about it, laughter is the best medicine!!
Have a great day,
Love ya,
Janet :)


To those of you who were an
asshole to me, instead of
helping me, you never were
or ever will be better than
me and this is for you!! By
the way when was the last time
you got through a day Sober??
Today makes 60 days for me!!

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