20 Words To Change Your Life Edited

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I'm doing ok. I haven't been eating and sleeping like I should, I just want this month over with for the first time in my life, which I find hard to believe myself, loving summer as much as I do, but I have to much to deal with. I needed some uplifting today and I found this 20 words video on Youtube, Love it!! I hope it inspires or helps you through your day too. I am uncertain about tomorrow when I go to court. I don't know if I am going to be sent away again right away to rehab for two weeks, so If I don't blog for a little while you will know why. I am going to ask for some time to get some things together, mostly for my son who will be going back to school on the 1st of September. And to just prepare myself. Although two weeks ought to be a piece of cake after doing 27 days!! The other day my counselor made a good point, why would a rehab take me in when I am sober and there are so many people who are not and are in need of a bed instead of me?? There are only so many beds in each place. And I can't see how my insurance is going to pay for a second trip that is not necessary within a matter of two months, insane I say!! They'll probably send me the bill right? like that will get paid soon, not! I know I have to pay for the things I have done, but as my Father always said and even my hubby say's if it wasn't for bad luck I would have none at all!! So Karma, it's time to stop kicking my ass, time to be good to me, I have straighten out, I work hard everyday on myself and to be better towards everyone and everything in life. But I am human, and some day's my attitude does slip back into resentment and anger, (as all of you can see by reading my last post) but not so much anymore, so Karma cut me so slack already! Ok, feel better now, got that out there, hope it doesn't backfire on me LMAO!! I'll just end my pity party here :) I hope to talk to you all sooner than later. Thanks for all your continued support, It means the world to me now more than ever.
Have a great day,
I truly love you all,
Janet :)

Sing it for me John :)

This is the song in the video above, it is
just what I needed today, I thought I would
share it with any of you who like it too.
You'll enjoy watching the video, I mean Simon,
did I say Simon out loud?, I meant the video
Really LOL!! Great Video, go fullscreen :)

New to my blogroll, Great advice women
for our men from a man's point of view
and http://sheeponarampage.blogspot.com/

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