Too Tru

Hi Everyone, Hope your having a good weekend. I decided this week to post a couple of funny clips from Worlds Dumbest!! They usually have marathons on Sunday's and I get quite a few laughs from watching the shows, I know, terrible of me to enjoy others misfortunes, especially when I just posted about the teachings of Buddha! But we all need entertainment now don't we?? I was sitting on my front porch all dressed and ready for court, waiting for a taxi when I turned on my cell phone and luckily there was a voice message from my lawyer saying I didn't have to appear this morning, that my date was changed to mid September, so I feel a little relieved and then I almost felt like I could have napped the day away, catching up on sleep :) I just really wanted to be here for Scotty when school starts, so much stuff goes on. So I guess asking Karma for some slack worked so far?? I Hope you liked the Simon Webbe video, he is from England and is back now recording an album with his group called Blue. He has a website with more great music, just google his name if you want to hear more. Sorry I could not cut out, "My Hump" cant understand how that was a hit LOL!! Maybe I am showing my age?
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

Awww, makes me long for the good ol'days
with my girlfriends!!

A Perfect Friday Night LOL!

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