A Tribute To Our Troops

Hi Everyone, How are ya? I am doing good. I made this video in Honor of every person who has served our country, past, present and future. And today I want to especially dedicate it to all the troops who served in Iraq. I was surprised by the lack of media coverage to the last combat troops pulling out of Iraq. Unless I missed something, which I don't think I did, being home as much as I am. I even watch MSNBC every afternoon because I can't stand Soap Opera's, I personally found the coverage was lacking. I thought there might be some news specials on how we made a difference possibly, or some interviews with the troops about their whole experience over there. I remember well all the coverage of the first day of war, it was my mother's birthday in 2003, the media had no problem showing all the bombs and fires and eventually Saddam being taken down. I think it is a shame that they just say hey they're done, look at them go, and then be like OK, Here's Jim with our next story....huh, that's it, hello??? I searched ABC online for some video of their coverage and all I found is how do the Iraqi people feel now that they are own their own so to speak. So I included this broadcast with Brian Williams on NBC, it was the best coverage I could find of it. It bothers me because my Father served in the Korean War and my Father in law served in WWII and my brother served for a while in the Air Force. I feel they are owed their due, some special recognition, so in my small way it makes me feel better as an American to acknowledge what they and their families sacrificed over the past 7 yrs by making this video. I almost enlisted myself with my friend after High School on the buddy system in the Air Force, but I did not think I could make it through boot camp, that it would be too tough. She did go and did pretty good, so it leaves me wondering sometimes where I would be if I had gone in, what I have missed out on, traveling, probably getting a free college education, but I believe everything happens for a reason and it was not meant to be. And I certainly don't have any regrets now about not going, having the family that I do. So I truly admire anyone who has the courage to sign up and put on their uniform and do whatever is asked of them no matter how big or how small. If not for their Courage and Grace, I would not be able to walk so freely along the beautiful Ocean fronts that I do, be free to be who and whatever I want. So Thank You, Thank You Troops, job well done :)
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  1. Very moving post. Thanks so much for sharing all this, I have family and friends who are serving our country. I admire them all.

  2. Thank you Crystal, your comment made my day, Hope all went well for you on the college campus
    Take Care,
    Janet :)