Trash Talking

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday!! As usual I like to post some funny videos on the weekends. Kim of http://www.kimmysharinglight.com/ and I started the trash talking between ourselves of fb, now the Football season is underway, like we do every year. Kim came up with a good one the other day for Tom Brady's next job as you will see below!! Good one Kim gotta give you that. Now that I know your probably going to root for the Bengals I'll have to pay close attention to the team so I have something to come back at ya with. So game on girl!! I'm thinking hard too about a wager between the teams if either one of them make the Superbowl, I have some ideas, but those ideas will be reviled as we go along! It's going to be a good season watching the Pat's on our new 60 inch flat screen in HD, on our new leather recliner sofa, I know it's going to be tough, don't feel too sorry for us LOL! With such a big screen I couldn't help but notice that Julian and Tom have the same hairdresser too, all without glasses on!! Hope you have a good weekend, we're off to Foxwoods this Saturday where I am sure I will hit it big, not! I'm lovin how sweet Pete's being on me, I'm a lucky lady. Sunday we are having the kids Birthday cookout together, Scotty's is the 31st. All in all a good weekend ahead, I wish the same for all of you :)
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Love the three of them together

In The Spirit Of Football Season

Perfect for Tom, ROTFLMAO!!!

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