Blessed With The Best

Hi Everyone, How are you? I am doing great today. 26 years ago today Pete and I were blessed with the best daughter anyone could ask for, sorry for the rest of you but it is true, ours is the best LOL!! I thought I would take the time today to take you all down memory lane with me as I remember through the past 26yrs how her smile and beautiful soul have saved me. She has been my bestfriend who never ceases to amaze me, and without her constant love and support I would not have gotten to where I am today. Thank you Christa, every year I love you 365 times more. I hope you have a great day
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love you,
Janet :)

I had to add this thinking of the past today
LOL! it brought back the days of driving by
The Walbergs house in Braintree :)


  1. Awww, thank you mommy! I love you too!

  2. Your very welcomed, and have I ever told you I love it when you still call me mommy, well I do :)

  3. No you haven't told me that, but you are still my mommy no matter how old I get!!!! AKA Mamma Janet :)

  4. That's so good to hear Christa, You always say the right thing when I need it, it's as if you know how I am feeling. I loved it when the kids called me Mamma Janet, thanks for reminding me!!
    Love you bunches,
    Mommy :)