Nothing Fails

Hello, How are ya? I am doing great today. 24 yrs ago today I married the best friend I have ever had. I remember it like yesterday, there we were at the JP in Quincy Ma and all of us were more than willing to rush through the ceremony because the red sox's were in the world series, shot gun for sure LOL! It's funny too that I wound up getting married on my little brothers birthday because when we were little we swore we would get married so we would never have to be apart. I was very protective of him, and how we cried when we found out we could not marry each other!! Although we have been together for 27 yrs I truly love him more today than I did back then. The first time I saw him I said to my girlfriends, oh ya, I think I'd like to marry him, I'd never get sick of looking at him LOL! So shallow of me huh! But if you had seen him in just a leather vest with a golden tan and the curly hair and bright blue eyes, I think most of you ladies would understand :) I chose this song to make this video with because so far we have not failed, especially after the past year, if that didn't do us in I don't know what could. I believe in the power of words that you speak too, so for the rest of my life I will speak these two simple words. Marriage in itself is a spiritual journey, a sweet one at that. And if it was not for his strength, love and support right now I don't think I would even bother to get out of bed in the morning. He is carrying me through life right now and if a day comes that his strength is not what it should be, I will carry him. With no job or unemployment any more, this is my gift to him, the best gifts of all, from the heart. All of My Love to You Pete, and Thank you, Thank you :)
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Love ya,
Janet :)

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