Friday What?

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday :) Yes, Friday Funnies, how did you guess?? I was so sad last Saturday Night to realize there was no Wanda Skyes show on at 11pm!! I loved her show, I think she is a genius when it comes to comedy. I'm hoping it is not canceled, until I know for sure I'll just have to YouTube her when I need a good laugh. Pete loved my last post and the video, so when I sat down to watch tv with him last night he started singing, in his comic way, as he held my hand "You are so Beautiful to Me", he is too funny and sweet at the same time, I love that :) I can't wait until Sunday, it is Briana's 3rd Birthday party! She is such a riot, ever since Christa had her birthday, just about every day it's "Mommy is today my Birthday party"? So now that the time is finally coming she's more than glad to help Mom get everything in order, oh ya, she was putting on her little brother's shoes so they could get out of the house to get the Party Hats!! I've never known a three yr old who wants to jump in a car and go store hoping, little miss big I call her now, she's going to make sure her party gets done and done right, guess she does take after me, wait, maybe that's not a good thing LOL! I love when I post her pictures on Facebook, I usually get a few, she looks like you Janet, is that your clone Janet? I think it's just the blonde hair and blue eyes. These clips may seem long to you, but I guarantee you will be laughing your ass off and the time will just fly by, I know it does for me. Better yet, go rent yourself the full DVD for a night of laughs, I'ma be me as you see on the the clips, an HBO special by her.
Have a great day,
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Love ya,
Janet :)

Everything went white LOL!

I know it was dead, I saw it LMAO!!

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