All In The Eyes Of A Boy

Hi Everyone, Hope your doing well this hump day :) Last night I could have stayed up all night watching each and every rescue. I got goosebumps and teared up each time I saw a man come to the surface. I was also fascinated with the video of them underground, simply amazing the technology today. Most of all I was so moved by this first rescue because when you see something like this it can't help but remind you of what life is all about. That little boys tears spoke volumes to me. How lucky we are each and every day to be able to hold our loved ones in our arms, life my friends doesn't get any better than that. And it reminds me that whatever I have to deal with in my life pales in comparison to what others have to endure. I truly feel these men have inspired the world with their strength. As one reporter said each rescue is like a rebirth, I couldn't agree more. God bless each and everyone of them and all those who helped bring them back to their families and their lives. I feel this song is so fitting of how everyone is feeling today.
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