Friday Funnies

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday! This week I wanted to show some clips from the David Letterman show. I end every day with some laughs watching David. I don't know what I am going to do when he retires!! I am looking forward to this weekend because I get to do my first pumpkin picking and corn maze with Briana, I'm sure Christopher will be his usual self, just smile the whole time. I had a blast babysitting the two of them last weekend. I was impressed with our first Halloween House, considering I couldn't find the instructions to build it, we winged it and she did most of the work! The best part of making the house with Bri is she picked right up on scooping your finger in the frosting and then of course having to lick it off your finger!! I also was able to make Christopher laugh out loud, so cute when you first hear them laugh. I would have to agree with Sean's point of view when it comes to sexting, you can have fun and it does spice things up between you and your loved one and most important of all, definitely no head shots!! I mean, I agree simply from a guessing point of view that is, Not that I would know anything about that right? right LMAO!! Enjoy the videos and have a great day!
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Ain't nobody raising their hand LOL!

I can only hope they make a Damn it,
My kids are on Facebook Filter!!

A work of art in my eyes!

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