Developing Patience, Tolerance

Hi Everyone, I hope your doing well this Monday, I am doing good. In a world that is becoming more accustomed to instant gratification, patience has become a value that is disappearing. For example I was watching CK Louis "Hilarious" and in his skit he was talking about how he was standing next to this kid with his cell phone, and the kid had a slight meltdown because his text took a couple of seconds longer than it should have. The kid started cursing Verizon, how it sucked, blah, blah, blah! CK was saying,(and I fully agree with him) this is an example of how many of us have become so impatient with everything, because it wasn't that long ago we had to use phones with no push buttons and cords. And remember what a Bitch it was to call someone who had a lot of 0's in their phone number, ya I know most of you remember LOL! I know I need to practice these skills everyday to help me remember Patience, now more than ever, as my life has been put on hold for a while. I hope some of these skills help you if you need a reminder too.
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"The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it." - Arnold H. Glasgow

Patience means the ability and willingness to endure waiting without complaining or being upset when faced with a difficult or challenging situation. Being patient is a virtue because it is a respectable quality.

Being tolerant does not mean that you allow yourself to tolerate anything that someone does or accepts everything without questioning. It is not about complacency and does not mean that you accept whatever happens in your life without attempting to change. You wait and accept any delay only after you have done your best and the right thing.

Practice acceptance

At times people disappoint you. Many times your expectation takes time to materialize. No matter how bleak or slow things seem to move, remember that the dark waiting hour is still 60 minutes. It is not what happens that matter but how you react.

Do something constructive while waiting. It keeps your mind and your time occupied and helps you avoid unnecessary stress from worrying and getting yourself uptight. Remind yourself that sometimes it takes a longer time to reach your outcome, see changes or be accepted.

Practice Forbearance

Stay unperturbed when annoyed or provoked. Bear in mind that little things affect little minds as Benjamin Disraeli quoted. Your ability to always remain cool and unruffled from people who poke and push you shows a high level of tolerance and gives you an advantage over them.

Everyone has his own ways of seeing and interpreting things and each one is the product of his own attitude and values. Even if you disagree with someone, give the person the chance to vent out his anger. What he does to you may only show that he is trying to get or compensate for the lack in his life.

Other people can't break you. Only you can do that to yourself. By maintaining poise and composure, you separate yourself from the crowd.

Cultivate faith

Difficulties and tragedies happen to teach and test your faith. Believe that there is an advantage behind every misfortune, that there is a silver lining. Stay calm when you are faced with adversities. Find methods or seek advice to help you cope. You can use the experience to challenge yourself to stay strong and become closer to your creator.


  1. I need to practice all of these things! Since I've become a mother (and especially the mother of a teenager) I've become a lot more patient, but I still have a long way to go.

    I bought this book a while ago called 'Radical Acceptance' and from what I gathered from reading the back cover, it delves into all of these things. I'm really looking forward to reading it. It was very highly recommended by a therapist in a therapy group I was in a long time ago. I'll let you know how it is.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog. You are such a kind, sweet, and amazing person. You rock! :D

  2. Definetly let me know how that book is, I could use to read it too for so many area's in my life!! Your welcome for the comments on your blog, you always make my day here with your comments too, I truly mean that, your the best, my kinda peeps LOL! Take care, talk to you soon, Patti aka Raven :)