Goofing Off!

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday! As usual I feel like having a few laughs and goofing off today. In fact that is how I have been feeling for the most part all week. Sorry I did not get to posting any spiritual or inspirational posts this week, and I think someone is trying to tell me to get back on track because I just had two men with Jesus pamphlets in their hands knock on my door LOL! I had the most laughs yesterday with my grandchildren, the sound of children's laughter is absolutely the best. I am really starting to bond with Christopher in the way I have with Briana. I was worried about that because I haven't been able to drive down their house once a week like I use to, but we have managed to get together enough so he has come to really love his Mimi :) I can't believe he is already going to be a year soon, time just fly's. I wish I had some video of him too, but my droid battery won't charge!! Anyway, I hope you don't mind some more Tosh.O videos, I spent the morning looking around for some other funny ones, but IMO his still seem to be the funniest and they are short. Enjoy, and have a great Saturday :)
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Love ya,
Janet :)

Tosh shows Oprah how to do an audience giveaway LOL!

Alrighty then ladies, if that is how you feel!

I Wish they really had this App in my drinking days LOL!

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