I Choose

Hello, I hope your doing good today. These are healthy ideals I try to live by, even though someday's it's not easy. Certain situations in life can bring us down, and it is a fight to stay positive. But I believe the more we fight to stay positive, the more these ideals will become second nature and lead us to personal freedom.
Thanks for visiting,
Janet :)


I choose…to live by choice, not by chance
To make changes, not excuses
To be motivated, not manipulated
To be useful, not used
To excel, not compete
I choose self-esteem, not self-pity
I choose to listen to my inner voice
Not the random opinion of others!



  1. I kinda needed that, the self pity part is the main theme these days for me so...I liked your words of wisdom..

  2. Life is most definitely unpredictable at best. We can go from everything being almost perfect to everything being almost devastating.
    What we must be aware of is that while we cannot control our environment or happenings that challenge us... we can control how we allow these things to affect our thoughts. We spend more time feeling bad about what we never had control over then we do realizing it is not what should define how we allow it to take control of our every waking hour. In short.. keep it simple in what goes on in our lives. Acknowledge it but but do not strap it to your back :) Life is short enough as it is to spend one second not being in control of our happiness~

  3. Thank you so much Dorothy, I love your words of wisdom, especially the part where you say Acknowledge it, but don't strap it to your back! Perfectly said!

  4. Thank you Unikorna, I hope it helped you a little bit, I know things are hard right now, but hang in there, hopefully soon things will turn around!
    xo to you :)