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Hi Everyone,
I added a couple of new links today. One is for recipes. I would have posted the recipe, but it took up to much space. I also added one for Van Morrison's new album. There are some nice songs on it. My brother Jim stopped by yesterday with another song off the new album, that mention something about my mom. The song That's Entrainment, mentions a ballerina, that is what my mom was in her early years, it is the way he sings it that gives us goose bumps. Elsie made it through her procedure today. She now has a tracheotomy that they say will be easier for her to come off. I was talking with my sister Karen who calls every day to check on her, and my brother Jim about her reaction to me yesterday when she grabbed my hand so hard, and they both said, she needs you there more. So I have decided that I will go in every morning Monday through Friday and on Sundays. I went to the store today and noticed Mother Day Cards, and it hit me, although I cannot do anything for my mom this year beside gong to her graveside, there are others out there that I love who deserve a card. I felt so selfish thinking of my own circumstances, so I bought a card for my sister, my daughter, my Aunt Kay and mailed them tonight. I would also like to say Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there, Mothers are a wonderful thing. I realized this week when I wrote Pete's cousin who is starting to have to deal with her mother's health issue, and was devastated. I said who else in our lives loves us so unconditional, than our Mothers! I did not even realize that until I wrote it. Although losing our Fathers, or other family members is just as hard, I think most of us felt the unconditional love from our mother so much more, and if you look at all your relationships in your life, who else has loved you that way!! That is what makes the loss all the harder.

Thanks for visiting my blog,
Janet :)

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