Blessed With The Best 2

Hi Everyone, How are ya, Good I'm sure. I couldn't let my son's birthday, which was yesterday, go by without doing a special post for him like I did for Christa. I am sorry to say we have the best son too! Then again I may be predigest. But seriously though he is the sweetest boy a mom could ask for. When he was just about three years old he started saving every kiss I gave him in an imaginary pocket on his hand, awww, right :) He always uses his manners and does everything he is told. he is doing really well in High School, mostly honor classes, including calculus already, I could never do that. I think he is MIT bound. He loved taking computers apart as a kid, so he would go to the dump with his Dad and get thrown out computers. It kept him amused for hours. He also loved building robots. Last weekend we went out to Patriot Place, so I thought I would share with you the videos below. We have been trying to get Scott into football for years, he is built for it. He says he wants to now. I personally have met Bob Kraft twice in my life where I use to work. I could always go back when I know he is there and say hey Bob, check out my kid :) I know, I know, I'm a dreamer. Bob by the way is really a nice guy like you see on T.V. I can't believe my baby is 17, where does time go?? Sorry his video is sideways but I can't find software to edit videos, if anyone knows of a good program please let me know. My droid just loves to flip on me when I am filming.
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Scott gives Adam's kick a try!

One of the Greatest Moments in Football, it gave me
goosebumps watching it again :) Best viewed fullscreen,
Adam say's something to the fact that none of the fans
were cold that day!!

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