Friday Funnies

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday, Time for some laughs. I personally love this guy. He is from Boston Ma. I like a person who tells it like it is, especially when you get to be about my age, your done with BS!! I updated my funny videos with some more of his stand up routines if you like what you see. The "When I Was A Kid" video is not the best quality but it is good, I can relate to what he is saying. Toughen up already kids LMAO! I'm feelin this new song by Lifehouse, they are coming here to Boston this October, I love all of their music, so seeing them I think would be the perfect Birthday present for me, don't you? I'm "All In" for life with Pete, glad I came to my senses. Christa asked me if I was smokin the funny stuff the other morning cause I sounded so happy on the phone. Can't help but sound that way, I am just that happy, can't get enough of him everyday! Hope you enjoy the videos!
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Ferrara, is my mothers maiden name, hmm,
and he is from Boston?? Better check the
family tree

"Welcome To The Family" LOL!

I'm all in every night, yeah I'm all in,
I'm all in for life


  1. I loved the Videos. I haven't been to Boston in quite awhile. I'll have to make the trip. I only live in Conn. so it isn't far.

  2. Thanks Grampy, Glad you enjoyed them :), Boston is a great place to visit. I Don't get there much myself!
    Have a Great Day
    Janet :)