Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a good day. For some reason though on Saturday mornings I get teary eyed, knowing that on a Saturday morning my mother passed away. Today though Gina posted on her blog something very nice about me. I made me feel so good. It helped me get through the day. My brother Jim who lived with my mom for the past twenty years, and went up to the nursing home everyday and gave her dinner and sat with her until she went to sleep. Talk about a good son, his birthtday is Tuesday. I told my mother who kept hanging on, because I know she did not want to leave him, that I would take of him. I invited him over on Tuesday and I will cook him a dinner and give him a cake. He deserves it. Even when me and my siblings had different veiws on mom's care, we always found a common ground. I know my mom would be proud of us for that. Happy Birthday to my sister Karen today.

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