My Dear Old Dad

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a good weekend. I wanted to write about my dad. He passed away almost 21 years ago this June. I have never really talked much about him with any of you guys, because I was always talking about my mom. My dad had a hard life. His father died when he was only 11 years old. He had to quit school to support his family. He was the oldest. He did serve our country in the Korean War. When he returned he met and married my mother. She was his sister's best friend. After my brother albert was born, my mother had 4 children within 5 years. I have been told that is when she had her first breakdown. It was probally post partium depression, but back then if had any type of pychosis you were labled scizophrenic. My mother was given shock thearpy and it continued until 1990 I believe. She battled her illness and had two other children. I was very hard on my father to have a sick wife and six children to care for. He was even offered a job from the boston globe where he worked, that would allow him to travel and have a better career. He even thought of giving us kids up for adoption. He chose to stay with us and take the tough road. He then had a heart attack at 43. He needed to have open heart surgery. At that time my mother stepped up and took good care of all of us despite her battles. He was told he may live for only 10 more years because of his heart disease. They didn't have all the new medicines they have now back then. So funny enough after all us kids were out of the house, he had divorced my mom because they were fighting all the time and he needed a break after all those tough years. My mom went to live with my brother Jim. He still took care of her and took her to the store and everything, he did not abandon her. Then six months later he was gone at the young age of 53. He lived the exact amount of time they said he would. Most of all he knew we were all gonna be ok. He now could have peace. He was a true hero to me with all his sacrafices. He truly taught us what family is all about, being there for one another no matter what. In 1990 my mother went to pembroke hospital and was given a new treatment, no more shock therapy and just some new meds. She emerged her old self better than we had ever seen growing up. I wish he could of seen her. Or maybe he did help her along that path. I know he and my mom are together again. Now they will have the Love and happiness they always deserved,

I posted this earlier but decided to edit it.
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