Saying Thanks

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a good day. Today my brother Jim and I went back up to the nursing home that my mother was in. Although nobody wants to see their parents in a nursing home. Our situation with my mom made it very hard to care for her at home. I struggled with that for the whole year and 7 months she was there, espically when she would ask to go home. But I must say no matter what you hear about nursing homes. There are some good ones, with devoted staff who really care. We were lucky my brother Jim found one of them. There were times we had concerns about her care but they always addressed every issue and did whatever we asked of them. Even if it came to having a staff member that we felt was not caring towards my mother not work with her. On the morning after my mom passed, we had to clean out her room. As we said our goodbyes and thank you's to everyone, who also took the time to say their personal goodbyes to my mother. I got a feeling that my mother would have liked to thank them as well for all they did but couldn't in the way she wanted to because of her daily struggles. I decided to get a plaque of an Angel. I looked online and found one that was beautiful and matched one of the songs we played at her funeral. Across the bridge where Angels dwell by Van Morrison. One line in it says abbreviation of title- atbwad, children play. I know my mother is an angel that will be looking over children, because she loved her children so much. I took it to things remembered and got an engraving on it from Joesephine Buresh and family. So when we brought it up our two favorite nurses were on liked we hoped for. I thought of everything I would say to them, and when the time came I got a little choked up, but I wound up doing good. I told them how wonderful they were and how much my mother would have liked to thank them for all their care and hard work. They were so happy to see us and gave us hugs. They loved the plaque. One nurse every got teary eyed. They loved my mom they all said. They also told us that they had never seen such devoted children to anyone. Everyday you were there for her and comforted her. It made us feel so good. I am sharing this story becasue I want to share what lesson I learned from all this. That no matter what life hands you, there is still a reason to find the good in the situation, which until now I could not. My brother Jim always said about my mom being in the nursing home that it was the best of a bad situation. I didn't want to believe that at the time. But how right he was!

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