Happy Birthday Mom!

Hi Everyone,
Today is Saint Joseph's day.

That is why my mother was named Josephine.
I thought I would write a poem as some way of
still giving something to her on her birthday.

Today is your first birthday
Since you passed away.
I feel sad that together
We cannot be,
So I decided to speak these words,
Because I know you’ll hear me.

On this birthday different
Gifts you did receive.
Peace and comfort, for long
You were in need.
My gift to you, no longer
Material, but spiritual.
In my heart I will carry

on your love for family and life.
I will share it with
Everyone day and night.

Thank you for all the gifts
You gave me throughout my
Life. Many of those gifts were
Lessons on how to survive.

Often those lessons did not seem
Fair. In the end though they made
Me strong and gave me courage
To carry on, after the tears.

That coruage grew into appreciation
And gratitude. Most of all that in my
Life I was blessed with you.
Love you always and forever


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