It's Bad For Ya!

Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well. I saw this morning on HBO that George Carlin has a new special named It's Bad for you. I only saw part of it, but it was so funny. I decided to see if it had posted on youtube. It has been so I added it to my funny videos section, they are the videos from 21 to 27. They are in 7 10 minute clips, because that is all youtube will allow per clip. So if you don't have HBO you can watch it on my site or on youtube. The clips streamed pretty well, and like I wrote earlier if they pause while watching you can load them and then rewind, sometimes it plays faster than it loads. I think he is the funniest comedian. I can't get over how he perceives human behavior and life in general. Even when he makes fun of something I believe in I can't help but laugh at his perspective. I hope you watch the special, you'll have yourself some good laughs. Good news today for my hubby, he got a job in Chatam. Some billionaire women just bought a bunch of million dollar mansions on the water front and is tearing them down and rebuilding them. Even though they are in beautiful condition. It will be a lousy ride, but good pay and lots of work. Up until now work has been so slow for him. He had to go work for someone else, because of the lack of jobs. He really likes to run his own jobs. I am really enjoying the new earth program with Oprah George Carlin and Eckhart agree on how we are conditioned from birth. George talks about in this special. One day I will share some of Eckharts Tolle's theories with you, weather you get anything out of them or not, that is one of my goals with this blog, is to say something, someone my need to hear. I just want to learn more before I share it. They are just simply tools to help anyone make their lives better, if they are looking for self improvement. I believe their is always room for self improvement. Hope everyone has a good weekend! Take care for now,


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