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Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a good day. I did, except for the fact my son has got the flu. I feel so bad for him. Today was the first day of the online class I joined with Oprah's Book Club. It was a good class, but I had some trouble streaming it. I can go to her website tomorrow and watch it again. The main theme I got from the class tonight is we have been conditioned for all our lives by old age thinking. Our religions, our society have trained us to think in only certian terms which are old school. Thus our egos rule our spirituality. We do not connect to our own spirit because of that early learning. The proof is when you see all around us because of the ego, war, hate, & self destruction are running rampid in our society. I tend to believe this to be true. If you watch the news at night, someone has opened fire on a college campus, or at wendy's. Someone has been murdered by there so called love one, or ex. There were fires set by someone on something. People can no longer afford their homes. People are out of work, and it goes on and on. I hope this program helps the world to find a peace of mind by changing the tapes in their heads and find the strength to overcome, instead of giving in to despair. I hope you all find the time to read this book, and even join the class. I felt very inspired to make a difference in myself and others around me after class,
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