Hi Everyone,
Larry and I went to Boston today to see Elsie, We had to wait almost two hours because she was having something done. The nurse told us that fluid had gotten in her lung that was operated on. It is something that can happen from that type of surgery. They drained it and kept a tube in there to relieve anymore that may build up. The nurse also said she did have a small heart attack. That would make a second one since December. I am amazed that she keeps getting these setbacks and yet still fights on. She kept telling them at the rehab that she had trouble breathing but they kept saying your oxygen levels are fine, it might be anxiety, so they gave her a pill!!! If I had known that her lung could fill with fluid I would have had them check that. We were not able to get to see her doctor. I will call him tomorrow to find out more detail. I am scared though about her getting through all this. She may still have to fight some cancer from what the case manager said. I have never believed so much in the power of prayer. Thank you so much to all of who you that have prayed! It is really working because she is still here with us!

take care,
Janet :)

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