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When I was looking around the internet for pictures of Angels I came across this. I thought I would share it with you. Amazing shot weather you believe in Angels or not.

NEW BEDFORD, Mass.- Newspaper photographer Mike Valeri thought he had a good shot of a cloudy sunset over Padanaram Harbor. Readers of The Standard-Times of New Bedford saw something more heavenly. Laura Morse called to congratulate Valeri for capturing an angel floating in the clouds. Valeri hadn't noticed the angelic figure before, but was swayed when he checked his negatives and the image seemed even clearer. The newspaper ran the photo again Oct. 18 and asked readers what they thought. Valeri said one woman said it reminded her of the spirit she claims she saw leaving her young daughter as she died last year. The paper has been flooded with requests for copies. Proceeds of the sale will go toward a Christmas fund for needy families.

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