Nice Day

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a good weekend. I went to a bridal shower today with Elsie. We had a nice time. Since this surgery has come upon her, we seem to be much closer. I said I love you to her the night before her surgery, and for the first time she told me she loved me too. We always were able to talk to eachother about anything having to do with family & friends, and we were always able to have some laughs. But lately she has opened up about so much more. Today she told me her wishes about if something goes wrong, and she would have never done that before. She insisted today to drive me to the shower, when I could have gotten a ride. I think she wanted to talk during the ride, and we did. Christa has my car right now. I am grateful for these days with her. 4 days until her surgery. I hope this time all goes smooth. We have appreciated all your thoughts and prayers. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Take Care,

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