Boston Your My Home!!

Hi Everyone,
I gotta say I love living here in the Boston area. Tonight we have the Red Sox's playing and they just had a nice brawl with the Tampa Bay Devils. Then we have the Celtics working on their road back to Glory playing their rivals the Lakers. Jack Nickelson and Arnold S are here in town to see them play. I am a big fan of the Red Sox's and the Patriots. I am glad to see the Celtics coming back. I hope this will help the Bruins spirit next season. I added a music video to my funny video collection. It is the Celion Dion song Goodbye is the Saddest Word I'll Ever Hear. I chose that song for Elsie's service. I would have played it at my mom's service as well but I did not know the song then. The video is a little shorter than the song, but just as beautiful. If you have time listen to it and save it to play for your mother some day. She will appreciate it.

Well I am gonna go watch some games. Go Celtics! Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take Care,
Janet :)
Spiritual Article. I found this and it reminded me of Eckhart Tolles Theory.
Awakening Anew written by Jonathan J. Dickau. This is just a part of the Article
It is extremely difficult to actualize the full awakening of the higher self. We are creatures of habit, and for most adults it requires a process of unlearning, or re-learning, to realize the totality of our being. To awaken anew, in the fullness of your true identity, is the most noble of all goals, perhaps the one true goal, but it is also something very few people have ever really accomplished. To be sure, there is an element to personal growth, that there's always a state beyond the highest one's endeavors have taken you, so there will always be another step to take, but the possibility of fully awakening the higher self has been aptly demonstrated by enlightened individuals throughout history, and they have encouraged us to awaken, as well. By their so doing, they pull the rest of humanity toward awakening, toward the state of being awakened. The idea that we can awaken anew, and find the ability to do extraordinary things, is a compelling image, but there is another, more fundamental, reason to do so. We need to awaken in order to see things as they really are! We need to be very wakeful, to perceive the wondrous vibrancy of life, and the endless grandeur of the universe. We need to be yet more awake, however, to overcome our personal blind spots, and become who we really are. Most of us, you see, are still half-asleep.

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