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I decided to delete my last post. In case a family member stops by my blog. I needed to vent about that situation. I am working very hard on letting it go, some days it is just easier than others. Thank you to the three people who commented on it. Your advice helped me. I found this Spiritual Affirmation I wanted to share with everyone. It's along the path of Eckhart Tolles, the ego is the mental chatter she talks about. I hope you had a good labor day weekend. I did. We went to a cookout and relaxed the rest of the weekend. I saw today on the weather report that Josephine is creeping up the coast. My mom's names made it on the hurricane list twice this year, her nickname Dolly, which I named this blog after and Josephine her birth name. I thought to myself you can't keep a good women down! Well back to the grind today!!

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The Power of Affirmations
Written by: Kimberly Kaye Castaneda, ND, CHt, DD, RMT, Truth and Wellness Facilitator© 2002 Kim Castaneda
Affirmations can change your life. What you create with thoughts, both positive and negative will become your life, in the present and into your future. The power of a thought when coupled with voice and then put into action or energy leads you into manifestation.
Everything we are, do, own, feel...all began with a simple or perhaps complex thought. Example: Thought...I like/want that ring...vocalize...I am going to purchase that ring...action...you pay for the ring with income (energy) that you have generated from working...end results...You own the ring that you desired.
You have just manifested the ring into your reality with a series of events that started with a single thought. Now if you can do this to achieve a ring, just think of the potential you have to manifest positive outcomes in all areas of your life.
But, on the contrary, you can also utilize this powerful energy to bring about negative outcomes in your life. Example: Thought...I am not smart...vocalize...why even try, life’s too hard...action...quit school...end results...minimum wage job, homeless, unmotivated, unsuccessful, etc...a multitude of scenarios can derive from just that one negative thought.
Change your thought and you can change your reality. The thought can be viewed as either a precious tool or a lethal weapon. Thought has POWER. It can be CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE. It is your choice.
We all have an internal dialog running in our minds on a constant basis. This is what I call mental chatter. We can allow that voice to destroy us with negativity or we can give it AUTHORITY, VALIDATION and POWER in order for it to manifest for us, and allow us to be, the EXPRESSION and TRUTH of who we really are. A Divine Being!


  1. That is a wonderful affirmation. Thank you for sharing it, and I'm glad to hear that you were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Take care:)

  2. It's also important to uncover and examine any hidden beliefs that negate what we're telling ourselves all day long. If we don't do that we still can't truly create what we think we want, and instead we create the reality of that underlying belief.

  3. There is also a dangerous situation, to which I am prone...that is, to make a positive affirmation, without really believing it. Can you see the double-whammy? I do this sometimes...I say, I will change my attitude to money (but I don't believe deep down) then when my attitude and the flow of money does not materialize, I therefore think that the affirmation does not work..

    It is so important to Really believe the Affirmation - otherwise it's better not to try, until the mental blocks and wrinkles have been sorted...

    On a lighter note...I love your family photos. The one of your Grandparents on your Mother's side is a joy. :)


  4. I've just read NewAgeBitch, who is saying more or less the same thing