Never Forget

Hi Everyone,
Today I dedicate my blog to all those who lost their lives 7 years ago today. I will never forget. I wrote a poem in their memory. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take Care, Janet :)
On 9/11 Many souls
Went to heaven
The rest of us, stood in fear
looking at the horror, shedding
many a tear.
Although I never met any
Of you, you will always
Be in my heart, for all you had
To go through. I know now
you are all at peace,
We will carry on with your
Spirit inside our hearts so deep.
God Bless and God keep you


  1. I am with you.
    I remember watching it on tv...
    Was it really 7 years ago?

    x henry

  2. Hello,

    it was a tragedy, for the poor victims and all the innocent people who had to die in the following events. May terrorism be erased from earth.

    BTW I have an award for you at my blog.......