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Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good. I really like this article I found. She offers great ways for all of us to get to that state of peace, and balance in our lives. I hope you are enjoying it as well. I had a great time with my granddaughter and daughter on Tuesday. Briana has learned how to dance and everytime I started to sing happy birthday to her, she would just start dancing, she is the cutest. I can't stand to leave her once I get to be with her.
I will talk to you soon,
Take Care,
Janet :)
Your Intuitive Self Part 3
For a lot of people meditation is defined as a state of not having any thoughts, but this is not the case. When I first started meditating I was so worried about not thinking any thoughts that my
mind just filled with thoughts about not having thoughts!!!! The trick is to let the thoughts come and go without being attached to them. To think of any thoughts that enter as little white clouds that you watch drift away. Eventually with practice you will find less and less thoughts entering and your mind will wander less…. keep in mind people who get to a stage of pure non attachment in meditation usually practice every day. There are no rules with meditating its whatever works for you if a CD of whales singing makes you at peace then go for it, if nothing but a flickering candle makes the world disappear again go for it, if you have to sit on a chair, sit on a cushion, sit in a group whatever works for you. For me when I am sitting drawing I go into a mini meditative state unaware of everything but what I am doing. When I talk to my guides I sit with a single white candle no music and a say a prayer then I close my eyes and drift I have friends who use Buddhist chants again what ever works for you. The goal in meditation is to have no goal or no expectations to let go of any attachments and just be. There are no time limits, start off small and build up to longer or just do what feel right sometimes closing your eyes in the middle of a stressful day for five minutes can bring you back into balance and peace within. Meditation is the way most Psychics, Mediums connect with their Guides Angels or Higher Power. If you find the process too frustrating find a group to meditate with or see if there is anyone who runs guided meditations. There are lots of groups who meet every month to simply meditate for world peace. Keep in mind you may not connect with anybody during your meditations but do not let that put you off. Simply taking a moment to de-stress to find balance to bring calm into our life will make your vision clearer and give you greater insight into your life situations. You will become more in ‘tune’ with your surroundings and the people around you

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  1. Hi Janet, that is a really good description of meditation and a really encouraging 'seminar' about possible ways of entering a meditative state.