Hat's Off

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I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. I wanted to take the time to give a hat's off to the Boys in Boston. Although we didn't win the chance to go to the world series, I still think they deserve some praise for all their hard efforts. They have given us a great ride the past few years. I hope Tampa Bay enjoys their day in the sun. I just hope Jason Varitek comes back. He offers so much to the team although his hitting has been in a slump. Yesterday I had a dinner with all my family for my birthday. Briana was the ham that she likes to be, showing off and dancing to get everyone's attention. She is so much fun to have around. I am going to post part 6 of intuitive self. Then all I have left is the conclusion. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I found it to be insightful and good tools to grow spiritually.

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Intuitive Self Part 6
Try and get into the habit of meditating at a set time and day. But do not be anal about it.
Even a walk along the beach or around the neighborhood or a quite moment with a good book and a cup of tea are all forms of bringing your body down into a peaceful state. Let go and let God as they say. What this means is do not try and change the world in a day. Change what you can change and accept there are just some things you can’t change. Let go of outcomes let go of expectations. Be at peace with who you are and where you are in your life. Live in the moment do not allow your ego self to take you into a future that hasn’t even been created yet. Learn about yourself who you are if you know yourself you have no need to worry about what other people think about you or worry about the future because you know what you want and where you want to be and you are happy with all in your world as it is. Happy and grateful. Fill up your spiritual toolbox. Go to classes. Join a group. Read up on things which interest you. Find a mentor. Learn different ways to meditate to tune in try a Reiki class etc. The thing most people do not realize is everything is meant to be simple. The higher power whoever and what ever you perceive him/her/it to be did not set out to turn tuning in into an exam. That was humans looking to set themselves up as ‘experts’ so they could make a lot of money by saying listen to me ‘I know’. I know people who talk to Angels and it is simply faith and belief that allows them to do so. They are able to let the outside noise die down and then they listen for the Angel Whisper and they are able to do that simply because they believe it will come. I hear my guides speak to me when I am with a person because I am able to let go of ego mind and attachment and be of no mind. Did it take a while to get to that stage absolutely, but it was not a complicated process but a simple one of perseverance,trust and commitment.


  1. "...a simple one of perseverance,trust and commitment."

    Good point indeed. Learning about your true self by pointing out you best positive attitude will conquer any negativity in you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am right there with you tipping my hat to the boys!! The tried their best. I also hope "Tek" comes back, he is my favorite, and I think the glue that holds this team together.

    Happy belated birthday!!! {{hugs}}