My Bad!

Hi Everyone,
How are all you doing, I am doing really good considering it is Saturday Night and I have the next two days off. I was watching a show on TRU TV about a prison in Alaska that housed the most criminally insane people. It was scary to see and it made me think of my post "I have learned", in which I wrote about the disabled, I feel the criminally insane are also disabled. I wrote in "I have learned there is no such thing as a Disabled Person, just a person who developed differently from the norm. That they should not be hidden away, but brought out and celebrated for the unique individuals they are." All I could think to myself was OMG, I did not think the disabled or mentally ill out too well, that some of the disabled should not be let out and celebrated for the unique individuals they are. Let them stay where they be, sorry about that folks, My Bad. LOL! I have been back to work at TLC alot lately, that is where I worked for 2 years before I left to take care of both of my mothers. Which I don't regret. TLC is short for The Living Center. It is an alternative day program instead of a workshop setting for the folks who live at New England Villages in Pembroke Ma if they are ready to retire form the workshop or if they cannot do the work there. New England Villages was started privately by a group of parents who wanted to find housing for their children with MR and various disorders. It is a beautiful place because most of the parents are very rich, they built beautiful homes for their children for when they could no longer take care of them. They have a building called the Solar Wellness Center where they go on certain days and they have classes like art and music and exercise, which include a fitness room and a swimming pool. They also have an education room with computers. Once you work at the Village it is hard to work any where else. You will never find workers who are so caring towards the people who live there. You also can't help but love the people who live there. There are some workers that can't handle it and you know eventually they will leave or be told to leave. Anyway I wanted to say that being back at work at TLC even on a relief basis until another position opens up, has helped me get back to feeling true happiness again. Not just faking like I was for a while. My co workers, Donna Guvermont, Shirley Mohar and Deb Manhony and Ann, sorry don't know her last name are the reasons why. Some days things can be really tough if some of our folks are having OFF days. When we all work together we find ways to redirect them and bring things back to a somewhat peaceful state. At the same time we have so many laughs together I think to help us survive the day come what may. I just want to say to these great ladies, thank you all so much for being there for me when I needed you the most, during my darkest days, and on the road to my recovery. You will never know how much you helped me to carry on.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

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