Basic Instruction for Loving-Kindness

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. I wanted to share a little more in depth on this Loving-Kindness meditation. As in my earlier post Looking Good I told you the idea behind the meditation. I shared with you the phrases to say to yourself and others. May I be happy, May I be Healthy, May I know Peaceful, May I be safe. There are two ways to practice it, informal or formal. Informal is simply speaking these phrases to yourself and others throughout your day. Formal is taking the time out to meditate with no noise or distractions. There are 5 groups they suggest sharing the phrases with. First group is Yourself- You cannot truly give out loving- kindness towards others unless you feel it for yourself. Second Group-A Loved One. This can be towards anyone who makes your heart fill with joy. Third Group-Someone you feel neutral about or indifferent to. For example the guy at the grocery store, the bank teller etc. This person needn't arouse any particular feeling inside you. Fourth Group-A difficult person or someone who you find challenging. It may be your grumpy neighbor or someone who hurt you in some way. Wishing them loving-kindness at first will be hard. You'll think how can I feel that way to her after what she did. The practice is not about becoming a doormat, or letting people abuse you, but holding on to a deep resentment will take a toll on you physically and emotionally. Sending loving-kindness to this difficult person will help you begin to release the destructive habits of hate and anger. Fifth Group-All Living Things. All people, animals, plants and they suggest not stopping at Planet Earth but extend these loving-kindness phrases to the entire universe. Surely after a while of practicing it, it will become second nature and you will walk in the light and love of God or whoever you consider to be your higher power. I will share more of this as I read on. I am trying to practice this loving-kindness while I am watching the Patriots losing now to the Steelers, but it ain't happening for me right now!! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. Thank you Janet for sharing this loving-kindness practice. This is difficult sometimes, when the other person is hateful and angry. I always try to remember that those that are hateful, are those that need the loving-kindness energy the most. I am glad to know you like football as much as I do!

  2. 4th Group A ~ Yes it is difficult with a grumpy or a hateful person. I have one person who I work with who is quite destructive and can hurt people personally and professionally. Over and over again, I practice loving-kindness to them and it has made a difference....although sometimes I really think they don't deserve it!!


    ps Is that American Football as opposed to Soccer?

  3. Thank you Janet. I hope you have a relaxing Monday!

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, :)