To Thank You

Hi Everyone,
I am enjoying watching the American Music Awards. Music always puts me in a good mood. Rihanna has won two awards who is now one of my favorite singers. Tommorow when you visit my blog, my mood will be different, when you read my post you will understand. I want to give an award out tonight to all of you who I have not given it to yet and have been so kind to visit my blog faithfully and comment often. I don't know the exact rules are considering I did not get it today, but I feel if I have already received it, it does not matter when you pass it on. I have always been a rebel at heart anyway LOL. So here goes!
The rules to this award is to put my link on your post that I gave it to you, and pass it on to at least 7 people
Kimmy Sharing Light
My Own Utopia
Symphony of Love
Jodi's Journey
Friends Furever
D Power of Three
Esoteric Journey
Silly and Willy


  1. Janet,
    Thank you sooo much! This is the one award that I have been yearning for! :)
    I love that you are a rebel, and you have passed this on to me!

    Also, I am shipping your candles out today, you should get them shortly, I hope you enjoy them!
    Take care and hugzzz!

  2. Hi Janet, thank you for the award. There is a slight error in my link above; there is a full-stop at the end of the blog and thus it would not load properly if being clicked on. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Thank you once again for the award. I should be posting it up soon.

  3. Dear Janet thank you very much for giving me this award...
    I will post it soon, but maybe there will elapse some days. Thank you very much indeed.... Rainer