Loving-Kindness Toward Yourself

Hi Everyone,
The last post on informal Loving-Kindness I thought had more to it, but that was it. The next part of the book I want to share with you which I think is the most important part of sending Loving-Kindness is Loving-Kindness towards yourself.

Loving-Kindness is wholehearted and genuine desire for the well being of yourself and others. Why is that? You practice this meditation for the purification of your mind. If your mind is filled with blame and self hate it is hard to love yourself and anyone else.

As you practice Loving-Kindness you may begin to think and behave in a friendlier manner towards yourself. Meditation naturally teaches us to be calm, and have tolerance towards others. As you develop a better attitude towards yourself, you will begin to experience happiness.

How do you begin to feel happiness towards yourself, It starts with paying attention to yourself. Look inside yourself and feel your Joy. Picture in your mind a loved one walking up to you and smiling. What happens, you begin to feel happiness, no longer feeling that you were not good enough, did not deserve their love. As you practice paying attention to your inner self, you will develop a more positive, nurturing relationship with yourself.
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  1. "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all..." Indeed, the only way to share and give love to others is by finding love within yourself. If you have none, then there is nothing to give.


  2. I continue to discover bloggers whose writings I enjoy reading regularly. I am impressed with the theme, your bio and the posts I read on my first visit; which, from my regular practice now, inspired me to subscribe to. So, I'll track your posts regularly from now on. We read, share and grow. So keep spreading your thoughts.

    Luck to you.

  3. Really great posts Janet. This is the area I need to focus on.