Follow the Ocean Waves

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share with you some more Loving-Kindness meditations. The first one is the informal practice of walking meditation. Think of all the different circumstances that call on you to walk during the course of a each day. You are walking from the time you get up out of bed in the morning until you get back into bed at night. Every time you walk to your car, into a store, or around your neighborhood it's an opportunity to practice this meditation. This type of loving-kindness activity is very simple.
1 Walk at your normal pace
2 Bring attention to your body as you walk
3 As you walk throughout your day and you find yourself
in any stressful situation simply say these words to
yourself. May I be well and happy, May no harm come to me,
May I be carefree, May I smile and enjoy this moment
Try it out and see if it works for you, I find simply saying these words to myself help bring me to a calmer state of mind when I find myself in stressful situations which can happen quite often at my work if someone is having a difficult day. I will be using this during work this week as we lost one of our dearest friend at the village. Anxiety will be high among the others as they deal with Margy's death, it is hard for them as well as all of us who work there. I will be dedicating a post to her this week.
The other meditation I want to share with you is
Follow the Ocean Waves.
If your lucky enough to live by the ocean which I am the beach is a wonderful
place to practice loving-kindness meditation.
1 Find a comfortable place to sit and watch the waves
2 As the wave starts to curl, say one of the loving-kindness phrases
So when the first wave rolls in, say May I be happy. On the second
wave say, May I be healthy. On the third wave say May I be peaceful.
On the fourth wave say May I be safe.
3 Then start over and keep repeating the phrases to yourself. Sometimes
the waves are slow to roll in, be patient and allow yourself to linger
with the meaning of the words as you wait for the next wave. Remember
to receive the meaning of the phrases and your good wishes for yourself.
I was recently talking with my sister who is a nurse and she brought up that
they are seeing the power of meditation work with people who are ill. I hope you have loving-kindness throughout your day towards yourself and then you will be able to give it to others around you. You will both be in a better place because of it. Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Take Care,


  1. Hi Janet ~ I think that repeating the phrases to the natural rhythm of the sea and the waves is wonderful.

    I am often at towns that are near the sea. I shall try it when I am next at the coast.



  2. I love this, Janet. This is a simple way of meditation that we all can follow. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Much Love,

    Bing (",)

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    Thanks Again,

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