How Blessed Am I

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. Now that spring has arrived, I feel a sense of wanting to renew myself as everything else around me is. So I wrote a little poem about how I am feeling. Hope you like it.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Take Care,
Janet :)

How Blessed Am I

How blessed an I to be alive,
with you by my side.
I am so blessed to have my
health, no need for

How blessed am I to loved
the ones who have traveled on
to the other side
They are my Angels and
my guides.

How blessed am I to feel
the sun rays on my face,
Each time pain will be

How blessed am I
to look at the stars
at night.
Their light embraces
me and there is no need
for fright.

How blessed am I
that I have friends like
you. No price could
be placed on jewels so true

How Blessed am I
to walk through the waves
as the sun enters another

How blessed am I
to feel the breeze
of a willow tree
My spirit is renewed,
My light shines through

How blessed are we
to be a part of life's journey.
Each day, feel, embrace,
walk or run like you have
just begun. Blessings will
follow one by one.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I think someone is becoming a poet!! Wow, that is beautiful!! I love it!!

    You really are very good at writing poetry, you know?? I think you should write more. :)

  2. Thank you my sweetie! I needed this today!

  3. It is indeed such a great blessing to be alive, to be loved and to be able to give love.

  4. Hi Janet,
    I really enjoyed your poem! How blessed am I to be alive, so, so true. Our health is wealth and our loved ones on the other side will see us again, one sweet day. Glad to hear you are doing good. Very pretty picture and take good care! :-)

  5. Yes you are blessed. And when you give thanks to the universe by writing this beautiful poem, you can be sure the universe will bless you even more.

    Blessings Be


  6. Hi Janet,

    i found you because someone tweeted how blessed they were for reading this. So I came and checked it out and I agree! Thank you for sharing........really nice


  7. This is a very lovely poem! Indeed we are blessed more than we can imagine. It's sad that some people don't see what you see and how you see things. God bless you more!

    Your Daily Word