In The Smallest Of Moments

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. Last week I went down to my daughter Christa's house for a visit. While I was there Briana picked up a picture of Wendy, her other grandmother who passed away 4 days after she was born and kissed and hugged her. She does that every night before she goes to bed as well. It immediately brought tears to my eyes. Briana in that moment gave me a new reflection on my life. It made me realize although I have lost alot of loved ones in the past two years, I have truly been given so much as well. I been given so much joy when I dance and laugh with Briana to my poker face. I have been given the opportunity to watch my daughter and son in law become wonderful parents. I have been given a great husband and son as well. I have been given health and friends. So even in the smallest of moments a child can really change your perspective in life. Everytime I dance or laugh with Briana I know Wendy is with us. I hope you enjoy the pictures below.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)


  1. Hi Janet,
    Your granddaughter is so pretty and precious. Children can change our perspective in life, I believe that too. Health and happiness always and have a great day! :-)

  2. Janet, she is so beautiful, I could not imagine a day without mine either. I am sending well wishes your way and happy thoughts too. God bless you.


  3. Oh Janet,

    I love these new pictures!! She is so beautiful, and quite a character too!! :)
    Keep those pics coming!!

    Take care,