Happy Father's Day

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am feeling so much better. It is good to have your health that's for sure. In 1987 I had written this poem for my Father as a gift on Father's Day. I shared it with my brother before hand too because at the time I was so proud of myself and could not wait to give it to him. Sadly he passed away on June 3rd that year of a massive heart attach while at work for the Boston Globe. I was not strong enough, but someone was kind enough to read it for me to him at his funeral. I made copies and everyone took it home with them. I need to find some other pictures of my Dad, I know they around this house somewhere??? I know most of you have seen his picture before so I don't want to keep posting the same one. When I lost my mother's last year I did go back to a counselor to help deal with all I had been through, she is more like a friend after the years we have spent together off and on. Last time I saw her I told her lately I have had alot of dreams with my mom and dad in them and we are always back in the home I grew up in in South Weymouth. She said to me do you know why? I said I think it is because I am wishing they are together again now that she is gone. She smiled at me and said, I think those day's were when you were the happiest as a child. I think she is right. Even through some of our tough times, when mom was home and well we did have alot of good times, cookouts, drive inn's pool parties, every winter he would build me an ice skating rink in the back yard simply by placing plastic on the ground and building wood around it, I would go out there and skate like I was Peggy Flemming. When my mom was in hospice as they say the reflect on the past, my mom asked me if I still ice skated, Of course I told her yes, I remember her watching me out the kitchen window while cooking a Sunday dinner. He truly was the glue that kept us all going and together. A Fathers day after all these years has not made it any easier. He is the first man I loved and that will never end. Love transcends death. Happy Fathers Day Dad. Happy Fathers Day to all of the other wonderful Fathers out there today.
Take Care,
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Janet :)

On this Fathers day
we want you to know
how much we appreciate
that through all the hard
times you didn't go.
through thick or thin
till death do us part
you never let the love
of your family leave
your heart

On this day you deserve
our praise
if we only knew the exact
words to say.
you should have had received
the man of the year,
brought about all mankind
for a cheer

But since these things
are out of our touch
let us thank you so much
oh so very much

"Albert James Buresh II"
Fondly remembered


  1. that is a beautiful poem. thanks for sharing with us.

  2. JANET this is so touching. while i was with my dad last night, i realized how frail he is. i cant imagine what my life would be like without him. i am where i am now because of him Janet.

    thanks for sharing this with us.