Miss You Dad

Hi Everyone,
Today is the anniversary of my Father's passing, I wrote a short poem to
remember him. He was my hero, who endured so much and asked for so little
in return. He made me the person I am today. Although he left to soon, he
did more for me than some Father's do in a lifetime. So I feel I was so
blessed to have him in my life for the time I did.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,

22 years ago today,
Your spirit flew away
Your heart was weak,
it broke into many a

I was so scared
to live my life without
you there. I was only
23, in my life I still
needed you to be.

I cried many tears, and
have missed you all these
years. I carry on, with life
lessons you taught.

Today when I look back,
I focus on all we had,
I was so blessed to have you,
Good, bad or indifferent, your
love always showed through.

May you now have peace,
May you now have true joy,
In Heaven with thee,
Until the day comes again
we will meet.


  1. That was a lovely poem. I'm sure you miss him so much. But even he's not with you, his spirit is there to guide you. :)

  2. Janet,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad, trust me, I know how you feel, and I only wish I could write beautiful poetry to express myself and my love, like you did here.

    It was beautiful and so full of love and pride!
    I'm sending you lots of {{{hugs}}}
    Take care,
    Love you,

  3. What a sweet poem for your Dad, Janet. You and Kat (who wrote her own tribute to her Dad) made me realize how precious the time I still have with my Dad and Mom. Thank you for opening my eyes. I have taken a lot of things for granted. I have resolved to make it up to them.

    Blessings to you!

  4. :)
    My father was my best friend so I can totally empathize with your loss as I lost my dad one year ago this passing April.
    I have however spent more time seeing him in my thoughts since his death which warms my heart. I feel that in order for us to have a heart felt relationship with our loved ones...we have to lose their physical presence:)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts:)


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